Living and Launching – Church planting in Miami


Ever thought of your pregnancy as a “pre-existing condition”?

As a father of four myself, this has to be the most standout line from the documentary mini-series I had the privilege to direct this year: Living and Launching with Terrence and Emma.

Terrence and Emma Mullings were all but on their way to Miami to launch C3 History Makers church when they had some surprising news. Emma was pregnant with their fourth child.

Now, this might not seem that big a deal. But when you can’t get insurance for your “pre-existing condition” it makes having a baby in America a very expensive prospect.

Enter what Emma and Terrence call their “divine delay”. Because after all, this baby wasn’t a surprise to God, just to them.

Living and Launching with Terrence and Emma tells their story as they process this news. Which is such a blessing, but also a little bit of an ‘interruption’ to their previous plans.

They opened up their lives to our small documentary crew as they wrestled with what to do you do when your pregnancy is treated as a “pre-existing condition,”  Connected with their extended families as they all come to terms with them being so far away. Considered the challenges of living in an area where being a mixed race couple is far from the norm. Recognise God’s unchanged plan for them despite a few curveballs along the way. And share many awkward moments as differences in opinion surface along the way.

Despite all this, there is one clear message that comes through from Terrence and Emma. But to tell you that will ruin the surprise!

Check out the episodes and be sure to let us know below what was your favourite Terrence and Emma moment in ‘Living and Launching with Terrence and Emma’.

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