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Dig Deep for Christmas Gold!

ACCTV is your Home of Good Christmas TV this year (and let’s face it – every year!) and we’ve got dozens of titles to well and truly get you in the Christmas Spirit and bring joy to your world. There’s faith-focused movies to trim your tree by, family-friendly fun to bring everyone together and so much more. Head to ACCTV NOW today and you’ll find there is already seasonal cheer aplenty with more titles added every day.

ACCTV has all the Christmas movies, documentaries and seasonal specials you’ll need. There’s something for all tastes and for everyone in the family. Whether you’re a Foxtel viewer, Fetch Fan, APP User or you like www.acc.tv, this Christmas it’s ACCTV!

Here’s just SOME of what’s on offer:

PREMIERE A Christmas Coincidence: December 25th at 7:00pm
As Christmas approaches, Paula is not sure she really wants to marry Daniel, a career-focused attorney. When her Aunt senses she has mixed emotions she invites Paula to Nantucket where she meets Gery, a charming inn owner.

PREMIERE Angels in the Snow: December 24th 7:30pm
When nothing short of a miracle can hold a deteriorating family together, a Christmas getaway sets the stage for a miracle to occur. In Angels in the Snow, the affluent, yet troubled Montgomery family hits the road for a special Christmas in the mountains. A heartwarming family story of love, loss, and rediscovery.

REMIERE A Majestic Christmas: December 20th at 8:00pm
A Christmas homecoming will be bittersweet this year when architect Nell is given the job of turning Briar Falls’ historic Majestic Playhouse into a modern multiplex, much to the town’s objections. Can she change the owner’s mind?

PREMIERE A Star-Crossed Christmas: December 19th 7:30pm
A Romeo and Juliet romance takes place among two feuding New England Christmas Tree lot families. Against their families’ wills, Julie Pine and Rick Spruce, fall in love, but are forced to hide their Yuletide relationship.

Charting Christmas: December 12th 9:15pm
This documentary looks at the history of Christmas providing answers to questions like: “How did the good Bishop Saint Nicholas become Santa Claus? “Why do we have Christmas trees, the Nativity plays and Christmas Carols?”

Heaven Bound: December 14th 8:30pm
Financially desperate Ted and Josie get more than they bargain for when they decide to rob a mansion. Accompanied by her lazy little brother, Ted and Josie soon find that their intended victim has more in store for them than they thought.

Christmas Lodge: December 21st 8:30pm

Mary has wonderful memories of gatherings at the Christmas Lodge. When she arrives for a weekend vacation, she realises that it has fallen into serious disrepair. Mary determines to restores the Lodge’s charm and finds love along the way.

Christmas Miracle: December 16th 7:00pm
Eight strangers are forced to take refuge in an abandoned church during a storm. As they get to know each other, they work through various personal dilemmas, and learn that when they work together, even the most unlikely miracles can occur.

Christmas Ranch: December 10th 12:30am
A rebellious girl is sent to stay on her grandmother’s horse ranch for Christmas. She falls into friendship with her grandmother’s pony and becomes determined to help save the ranch from foreclosure.

Love’s Christmas Journey: December 21st from 2:30pm
The saga of Love Comes Softly continues in this 2 part mini-series holiday event. Through love, faith, and forgiveness, a heartening family reunion will become a very real Christmas miracle.

PREMIERE Miracle Maker: December 23rd 7:00pm

‘The Miracle Maker is coming!’ Everyone in the tiny hamlet is excited when they hear the news that the renowned man of wonders is coming to their village. But the humble traveller who appears isn’t what anyone expected.

Paper Angels: December 15th 10:00am
This is the story about a man and a boy, one December. A man whose life is changed by a simple expression of kindness, and a boy who accepts that expression of kindness and shows the true meaning of Christmas.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas: December 11th 7:00pm
When the beloved quartet of postal detectives – Oliver, Shane, Rita and Norman – discover an urgent letter written to God, they delay their own travel plans to help a little girl who’s mother’s life hangs in the balance on Christmas Eve.

The Chosen, A Story of the First Christmas: December 7th 6:30pm
The Chosen tells the story of the first Christmas through the eyes of a shepherd whose life of suffering and rejection changes when he and his fellow shepherds receive a miraculous revelation.

The Christmas Apprentice: December 17th 7:30pm
A young woman sent to shut down a small outerwear company in Vermont for failing profit targets finds that the shop is the lifeblood of a town and instead she unexpectedly falls in love and learns valuable lessons beyond the bottom line.

e Christmas Card: December 23rd 8:30pm
Cody is a career soldier serving in Afghanistan. He is deeply touched by the words in an anonymous Christmas card. When he returns home to the USA he tracks down the sender & unexpectedly falls in love. Trouble is, she has a boyfriend.

The Christmas Pageant: December 13th 8:00pm
When a temperamental Broadway director is fired, she is forced to direct a community Christmas pageant. To her surprise, the warmth and charm of the small town grows on her and she even enjoys the experience, reconnecting with an old flame.

The Last Straw: December 14th 7:00pm
Mum decides the kid’s constant bickering is far from the spirit of Christmas & remembers an old tradition of building a bed for Baby Jesus one straw at a time. One straw for each kind & selfless deed. For one family member it’s a tough ask.

The Nutcracker: December 24th 7:15pm
Delight in the beauty, grace & elegance of this timeless tradition, showcasing the superb talent of world-renowned National Ballet of Cuba & featuring the Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble. Includes interviews with the talented dancers.

When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing December 25th from 8:30pm
When a group of orphans are stranded for the holidays, Abigail & the other residents of Hope Valley band together to give them an unforgettable Christmas. Elizabeth prepares for her new life, teaching her students the art of selfless giving.

Wish for Christmas: December 18th at 7:00pm
When a high school senior finds out from her parents that she must miss the town’s winter dance in order to attend church, she successfully wishes their faith away, bringing disastrous consequences to her family and community. To restore their faith, she is led through a series of Christmas adventures that change her heart and those around her.

So many of these titles are already available to watch on ACCTV NOW so crack open the ginger beer and the shortbread and settle in for a Christmas feast for the eyes. Along with so many wonderful Christmas movies, there’s lots of treats for the young and young and heart as well. Also, look out for various documentaries airing over the weeks before Christmas and available on catchup at ACCTV NOW.

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All times listed are Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

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