A message from our CEO

Dear Friends,

I feel like God has used the last 20 years to prepare your ACCTV for what’s happening right now. In this time of uncertainty, people are leaning in and searching for hope and encouragement like never before.

In fact, during these last few months minutes watched almost doubled, and it’s exciting to be part of this TV ministry, bringing hope right into people’s homes and helping more Australians get to know Jesus.

As this incredible growth in ACCTV viewing has happened, it’s encouraged friends like you to play a greater role in promoting, supporting, and praying for the ministry.

Many viewers took their first step last month to financially invest in bringing captivating stories to Australians – to point them to the greater story of Jesus. These generous gifts are so vital to help support the quality experience and programming for viewers like you.

It’s the heart of ACCTV to encourage you and to help more people lean in to Christ. Our programs are on Foxtel and various other platforms, so we want to consistently represent Christ well, and provide great content to captivate more hearts for Jesus.

I’ve been especially encouraged recently by some letters from our loyal viewers. Beck wrote to say:

“I love the broad range of shows and movies on offer that point people to Jesus. And in a time of great moral decline in our society, there are great, uplifting programs to watch.”

Thank you for investing to bring Good TV into the homes of more people like Beck. I’m truly grateful to be partnering with you in this exciting Kingdom endeavour.

God bless you,

Mike Jeffs

Founder and CEO


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