ACCTV is the viewer supported Home of Good TV

It’s a new day and a significant step of faith as we embark forward toward this next season God has for ACCTV

Television has changed a lot since the Australian Christian Channel (ACCTV) began twenty years ago. Today, we’re reaching more people than ever via ACCTV NOW, our on-demand platform. Our vision remains, to reach Australia for Christ however, what is about to change is we will be asking you, our viewers, to become supporters making ACCTV viewer supported.

We’re encouraged by the testimonies of lives transformed by the hope of Jesus and we want to create the space and opportunity to invite you today to consider supporting ACCTV by making a regular contribution.

Since the early days, our viewers have enjoyed faith and family film and television programs through our broadcast platform partners Foxtel, Fetch and Satellite. These services, while complex remains inherently predictable from a cost perspective. Conversely, on-demand streaming uses new technology that creates new financial challenges and has caused our available budgets to be stretched. It’s a good problem to have. More people want to watch ACCTV in new ways and that’s both exciting and challenging. (TWEET THIS)

We want ACCTV to remain free to those searching for answers, giving them every opportunity to connect with the life-transforming good news of Jesus. By opening up the way for our loyal viewers to support our Vision, every monthly contribution means that we can continue to offer hope to those who stumble across us on our broadcast and other live stream platforms.

Update your ACCTV App, or visit WATCH, and simply follow the easy steps to set up a monthly contribution.

By making a contribution of just ten dollars a month you will have twice the impact covering costs for your viewing while ensuring one other viewer can access ACCTV at no cost for people searching for answers. All gifts of support will help close the financial gap and enable us to reach more people and bring more great faith and family programs to make ACCTV the Home of Good TV. Popular programs like When Calls The Heart and Signed, Sealed, Delivered as well as ACCTV originals like Be That.

Become a supporter today at this critical time to support the vision of ACCTV. So update your App or visit WATCH online today and help ACCTV reach more people with the hope of Jesus.

It’s a new day, and we want to thank you for your prayers, generosity and support.

ACCTV is viewer-supported. Help build the Home of Good TV.

8 thoughts on “ACCTV is the viewer supported Home of Good TV

  1. I’m sorry but I cannot support ACCTV financially as I am on a pension. As am on my own I have been watching many of your podcasts & series because of their Christian content, but if I can’t continue to do so without having to pay I am afraid I will no longer be doing so. Many regrets Glenn.

    1. Hello Glenn, That’s not a problem Glenn. You are able to continue to watch ACCTV without giving financial support.

  2. So if I subscribe do I get more movies ect
    I have fibromyalgia and 3 special needs children
    When I’m so sick I watch everything you have and run out of what’s advalable I have it on Apple TV live stream while we sleep
    Eg Netflix Stan

    1. Hello Simone,
      The same amount of content will be available for you to view. However, if you do choose to financially support ACCTV then we will be able to get more content for you and your children to watch.

  3. Thankyou so much as I enjoy watching ACCTV, but am going thru financial struggles and
    not able to give financially. I am on a pension, and prices keep going up, but not the pension.
    I’m not sure what I am going to do if things go up so quickly.
    Thanking you.

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