Getting the most out of your ACCTV NOW

Hopefully by now you’ve updated your app or visited our all new website experience, you’ve RE-registered (as we’ve got a new platform provider your old registration won’t be recognised, so you’ll need to create a new account – use your same email though), and you’ve been enjoying having a look around our improved ACCTV NOW.

Movies, documentaries, shows, episodes and more are being added every day as our entire content library migrates from one platform provider to our new one, so you might find some things are missing, but everything should be exactly where it should be before too long.

You might have noticed a few new features as you’ve been exploring the new app, either on our website or on mobile apps, but here’s a few of the most useful.


You can now pick up where you left off using the new ‘Continue Watching’ feature and you can add your favourites and things you want to watch to your ‘Library’ (apps) or ‘My List’ (website).



When you see something you like you just tap the little ‘+’ and the program or episode will be added to your list in your library to watch later.


When you’ve finished with it, just tap the ‘✔️’ and it will be removed from your list/library.


On the app, if you head to the profile page (find this in the bottom right corner) there are a few different options to customise your app to the way you like to watch. For example, if you’re bingeing a series and you want the next episode to play straight away, turn on ‘Autoplay next video’. You can also customise the quality of your viewing so that if you’re internet speed is slow or you have limited downloads, you could choose to view at a lower quality. You can choose to hide or display your ‘continue watching’ list.  You’ll also find technical support on this page.


So that’s a few of the basics! Please let us know how you’re going with it. Comment below and tell us your favourite features or something you’ve loved watching. Enjoy!!



4 thoughts on “Getting the most out of your ACCTV NOW

  1. Thanks! It looks good. Can you please look into adding restriction abilities to your app like abcme and abc kids have? I have an eleven year old child who loves watching some of your documentaries and movies as well as kids, but they’re not all suitable. It would be awesome if I could control what is available for her watch like I can with abc. Thankyou

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