Sue Thomas F.B.Eye now on ACCTV

New to ACCTV this month and available right now at ACCTV Now is Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, an entertaining drama based on the inspiring true story of Sue Thomas, a woman of great faith who although profoundly deaf from the age of 18 months, overcame significant obstacles to work surveillance for the F.B.I. This suspenseful coming-of-age story stars Deanne Bray, a severely deaf actress who like Sue Thomas, was strongly encouraged by her parents to speak and read lips.

As portrayed in the series, Thomas (Bray) is a somewhat sheltered young college graduate about to start her first real job, which happens to be with the F.B.I. Sue is a little disappointed when she is relegated to the tedious task of analyzing fingerprints, but she’s not there for long. One of her colleagues, Jack Hogan (Yannick Bisson) discovers her unique lip-reading skills and enlists her to join the bureau’s elite surveillance team. Suddenly Sue and her hearing dog, Levi, are ‘G-men’, caught up in a good deal more action than they ever bargained for.

“Each week, we present a fast-paced, inside look into high-profile F.B.I. cases based on actual events,” said Gary R Johnson, series co-creator. “Corporate scandal, diplomatic immunity, abuses of power and terrorist activity are just some other areas we’ll explore. But the show is about more than that. It’s about the courage, perseverance and humour of Sue Thomas. It will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but will also make you laugh and cry.”

“Sue Thomas’s story is one I deeply understand because, like Sue, I’m deaf,” said Bray. “My hope is that this show will not only entertain – I’m sure it will do that- but that it can also be a bridge between different worlds, that it can help everyone understand that we are all more alike than we are different.”

“Audiences will be able to gain a deeper understanding and respect for the individuals who walk the path of silence,” said Sue Thomas, now a motivational speaker and author, who served as a consultant on the show.

Sue Thomas and ‘Sue’, actor, Deanne Bray.

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye airs on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm AEDT or the whole series is available right now at and via the ACCTV app.

Acting alongside Deanne Bray, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye features Yannick Bisson, Rick Peters, Mark Gomes, Tara Samuel, Ted Atherton, Enuka Okuma and Jesse as Sue’s golden retriever, Levi.

(*Watch here: Foxtel Channel 182, FETCH TV Channel 199, D2 Satellite, Free online stream at ACC.TV Apple TV 4th gen, Android TV, Amazon TV, Roku)

5 thoughts on “Sue Thomas F.B.Eye now on ACCTV

  1. We have just finished watching episode 6….

    this has been a great show and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire season one…eps 1 to 6.

    I hope that you will soon be airing the next 2 seasons of this show…
    We look forward to it…

    Best Regards and God Bless You.

  2. I started watching this a week ago now im so hooked watching 1 or 2 episodes a night on the Watch Now link … I use my laptop .. Love my ACCTV

  3. I just finished watching the last episode n cried n cried… just want to know where are the missing episodes on the Watch Now cause there isnt 56 of them there 🙁 i am a dedicated fan to this hoping to save some money n buy all episodes tho going to take me a while on disability but sooo Love Sue Thomas FB eye the show has even inspired me to learn Auslan … i learnt makaton 30 yrs ago too use with my daughter and with clients i worked with .. so miss those days .. watching Sue Thomas renewed passion to refresh my Signing skills n learn more…

    1. Hi Margaret are you watching via the app on a smart device or on the website…all 56 episodes are on the app. Ep12 The Heist was missing, but we’ve just re-uploaded it.

      1. Hi Sharon i have been watching it via my laptop . on the website .. I havnt tried the App guess i will have too so i can watch all the episodes i soooo love this show …guess its because of my connection with disabliites all these years n for my daughter who i learnt signing for 🙂

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