When Calls the Heart Season 6 is here!

It’s the news Aussie Hearties have been waiting for! We are so excited to announce that the Australian Premiere of When Calls the Heart Season Six will air April 25 at 7:30pm AEST on ACCTV, so mark your calendars and set an alarm – you don’t want to miss it!

It’s time to head back to Hope Valley and catch up with Elizabeth, Abigail, Bill, Henry, Lee and Rosemary. The Greatest Christmas Blessing two-parter will usher in a new season that will see big changes in the Canadian frontier town including new technology, new residents and, of course, new romance.

Season 6 continues then, roughly a year after the death of Elizabeth Thatcher’s Mountie husband Jack Thornton. Hearties were devastated when Jack died unexpectedly at the end of Season 5, and the new season will undoubtedly be a little tough as we all get used to Hope Valley with no Jack. But now, with the birth of Jack and Elizabeth’s baby, we’ll see how the schoolteacher adjusts to life as a young widow and single mother.

Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, told Entertainment Tonight that the new baby isn’t the only change on the horizon in Season 6.

“I think fans should be excited to tune in to season six because it’s really a whole new world for Hope Valley,” Krakow said. “Your favourite characters are back, [as well as] a few new faces, and we’re really getting to see how everyone moves on. It’s gonna be a breath of fresh air.”

While Daniel Lissing, who played Jack, won’t be back for Season 6, two new men in town may help fill the void.

Kevin McGarry (Heartland, Signed, Sealed, Delivered) will star as Nathan Grant, the new Mountie in Hope Valley and Chris McNally (Altered Carbon, Supernatural) will play Lucas Bouchard, a gambler and saloonkeeper with a mysterious past.

“We are thrilled to welcome actors Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry to the cast of ‘When Calls the Heart,’” Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming and Network Publicity, Crown Media Family Networks, said. “Their characters will add another layer to the already rich and compelling storytelling that our legions of fans love. Lucas and Nathan are sure to bring some exciting stories to Hope Valley that our loyal viewers will be rewarded with when the new season premieres.”


Times, they are a-changing

New residents in town aren’t the only changes for Hope Valley. In episode 3, Abigail (Lori Loughlin) prepares for the arrival of new technology: the telephone! Elizabeth will also have to deal with a decision that’s familiar to many women: whether she should return to her a job as a teacher after the birth of her baby. Loughlin said that it’s an issue that strikes close to home “for many women in today’s world.”

“She has her own dilemma this season of being a single mum and having to go back to work and what that means leaving the child home with childcare during the day,” the actress told ET. “So we touch upon on that and her struggle.”

Season 6 will no doubt have many touching moments as single mother Elizabeth leans on her friends for support, balancing motherhood with work. Elsewhere in town, romantic opportunities arise as Faith and Carson assess their feelings, Jesse and Clara take steps in securing their bond, and Abigail reconnects with a mysterious artist from her past. Lee and Rosemary deal with an emotional issue that challenges their relationship and Bill considers an opportunity that cements his place as Hope Valley’s ultimate authority.

Here at ACCTV, we’re already planning our Heartie Parties for the premiere and we’ll be tweeting along during the episode. We’ve got giveaways and lots more planned to celebrate too, so stay tuned!

When Calls the Heart Season Six Premiere The Greatest Christmas Blessing (part 1) will air April 25 at 7:30pm AEST on ACCTV and then on Catchup at watch.acc.tv/browse and apps. (More great news! Catchup will now be available for a whole month! Yay!!)



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    1. So glad to hear you love the show so much! Thanks for commenting…be sure to share the post on your socials 🙂

  1. I am wanting to purchase the complete set of Series #6, is it available yet please and where do I purchase it from.

    1. Hi Cherryl, Season 6 hasn’t aired yet and so probably won’t be available on dvd for quite some time.

  2. Hi I’ve seen the Christmas blessing and was wondering if you will be having the rest of season 6 I know episode 4 just aired in the US . I really love this show and just want to know

    1. Hello Catherine, Yes, we will have the rest of the episodes. They will be airing on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM. After that, they will be available on ACCTV Now to view.

  3. Hi can I make a suggestion that if you are now not airing the unedited episodes on Thursday nights can you still put them on your app so we all have a chance to see how both sides of the story goes.

    1. ooh, well that might be fun, but best to abide by our license 🙂
      The producers have requested that only the new episodes be aired.

      1. Ohhhh bummer I was really really looking forward to seeing Abigail back in hope valley. Yes that would be so fun to see the original on demand or something.

  4. Please consider putting the original episodes on demand Abigail is my favourite I really want to see Lori’s final episodes.

    1. Can certainly understand…but it is the producers of the program who really need to decide…and its their requirement that the updated episodes are broadcast so that viewers all around the world are watching the same story.

  5. I’m very confused as you’ve been promoting that the original episodes of When Calls The Heart will be shown. Are you still airing them? I really hope you still are.

    1. Hi Jannette,
      The ones we’re currently promoting are still ‘original’ episodes. The newer retooled eps won’t commence for us until episode 6 (the 4th episode of Season six proper) ‘Heart of a Mountie’. Originally the producers had sent us original episodes, but then decided that everyone around the world should see the same episodes and so revised episodes were distributed.

  6. Please please please I beg to still air the original episodes or put them on demand. I can’t watch the show without Abigail she’s my favourite character. All of this breaks my heart I just really want to see how the story is meant to go.

    1. Sadly Chrirystal, its not up to us but the producers who make the show get to decide how their show is seen. With season 7 coming up next year, we all need to be on the same story line don’t we.

      1. I understand we all have to be on the same page but what about if you put both the original and the retooled episodes on demand. That way everyone’s on the same page and then everyone can still see the original episodes with Abigail. 🙁

  7. Love this show, especially the current season 6 – such a good family show and even if your not even into it to begin with you soon will find yourself getting wrapped in the charm and warm fuzzies this show offers!!! I also LOVE tweeting on Thursdays with other Hearties in Canada..they are the sweetest…we truly are one big family!!!! Thank You ACCTV for making it all possible!!

    1. Awww thanks Ruth – hasn’t it been the best season?! Such a great community we’ve developed too – LOVE IT! Can’t wait for Season 7!

  8. I have my husband hooked on When calls the heart. Coming to the end of season 5 can’t wait till we can see season 6 here On Australia. But will it be the same without Jack😢😢😢😢😢

  9. Why did the program stop so suddenly. Issues wernt resolved and we are left up in the air. When is the next episode airing?

    1. Hello Ken, the episode on the 4th was the final episode of the season. You can still catch up a few episodes on ACCTV Now at watch.acc.tv/browse.

    2. Hi Ken, that’s what’s known as an end of season cliff-hanger I’m afraid. We’ll all be waiting until next year to find out what happens. We’ll be beginning repeats at the end of August so you can still get your WCTH fix. In the meantime, Signed, Sealed, Delivered starts again this week.

  10. We just finished watching season 5 on Netflix and my family are keen to start watching season 6 now? Can it be purchased anywhere digitally to watch now?

    1. Hello Jeremy,
      We would recommend looking at the Hallmark Channel website for purchases. However, on August 2nd we will start broadcasting season 6 at 10 am and it will be on each Friday after that until the end of the season. You will be able to watch it on ACCTV Now on Friday the 2nd as well for Free.

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