When Calls the Heart Superfan’s Call-to-Arms ignites the Twittersphere

Australian When Calls the Heart fans were both delighted and dismayed to learn that ACCTV will this week air the Australian premiere of Season 5 of the much loved period drama, but would not be airing the Christmas Special, The Wishing Tree. ‘Hearties’ will no doubt be thrilled to learn that ACCTV has heard them!

The Twittersphere erupted over the Easter weekend as Hearties in Australia, New Zealand and around the world, expressed how excited they were to see their favourite program finally make it down-under following along from the U.S. release earlier this year.

@destinyth0mas, who manages the ‘Hearties Down Under’ Facebook page tweeted,“The Australian Premiere of @WCTH_TV is airing on ACCTV on 5th of April. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get it to trend here if heaps of us pitched in?! So who’s planning on tweeting?”

@Jaffa_02 posted, “Calling all #AustralianHearties and other #Hearties around the world, we would love to see @WCTH_TV trend in Australia when Season 5 airs next week on ACCTV @welovegoodtv as we await the reunion of Jack and Elizabeth ❤ ”

But then, excitement gave way to disappointment as Aussie Hearties learned ACCTV would not be airing the pre-season Christmas episodes. @Kristy_Lou_Lyn tweeted, “Australian #Hearties have just discovered that @welovegoodtv will not air @WCTH_TV The Wishing Tree prior to our season 5 premiere on 5th April due to not receiving the episode! Anything you can do about that? #WeNeedThis”

Hearties around the world were distressed that their Australian friends would be missing out and rallied support to petition ACCTV. @CanadianHeartie tweeted, “#HeartiesDownUnder only have a few days before S5 airs on @welovegoodtv but #HeartiesANZ are still without #TheChristmasWishingTree. Please help these #Hearties see the full season in order.”

Some fans were quite cross indeed! @tweetygirl0118 posting, “Booooooo! That’s not right! Give them the Christmas episode! All #Hearties deserve to see ALL episodes including the Christmas specials!!”

Here at ACCTV, while not completely surprised that fans were aware there was a pre-season special, we were a little startled at the outcry. We were unable to air The Wishing Tree this past Christmas as Season 4 was still in its first run. The decision was made to hold over TheWishing Tree special until December 2018, as we were assured that the story was not essential to viewer’s enjoyment of the coming new series.

As the #WCTH_TV tweets continued to roll in, @CanadianHeartie conceded, “Ladies if it’s any consolation, that episode doesn’t connect to the rest of the season in terms of story. HOWEVER, that does not mean you shouldn’t have access. #TheChristmasWishingTree needs to air for #HeartiesDownUnder.”

@ThorburnKathryn was adamant that Australian Fans need to see the festive episodes, no matter that Christmas is long over. “Aussie Hearties will watch a Christmas episode all year round – we can cope with Wishing Tree screening after Easter! We even celebrate in July just for the ❄. #Hearties hate missing out!”

Great news for Hearties in Australia and New Zealand is that ACCTV have listened and we’re currently in negotiations with the distributor and will hopefully have The Wishing Tree episodes very soon! We’ll plan something extra special to celebrate for WCTH fans so stay tuned. We really want to thank the Hearties for their dedication and support.
Australian and New Zealand viewers can watch the WCTH Season 5 premiere episode ‘Believing’ exclusively on ACCTV Thursday April 5, 7:30pm AEST, repeating, April 6 at 12:30am and 2:00pm and afterwards on Catch-up at WATCH.ACC.TV/BROWSE.

(*Watch here: Foxtel Channel 182, FETCH TV Channel 199, D2 Satellite, Free online stream at ACC.TV AppleTV 4th gen, Android TV, Amazon TV, Roku)
 Hearties fan art credit: @CanadianHeartie

6 thoughts on “When Calls the Heart Superfan’s Call-to-Arms ignites the Twittersphere

  1. In actual fact season 5 sees the wedding of Jack & Elizabeth & the Wishing Tree is prior to their wedding. It’d be 2 steps forward, 9 steps back. Kind of weird.

  2. Thanks so much. I am super excited this is the best show ever and love watching all episodes over and over again. I just realized I can watch acctv in Nz. I thought I had to wait till Monday for it to start on Shine TV in NZ. Regards Sam (New Zealand Heartier)

  3. Have loved this series since it started , so am really happy to have learnt that you have picked up on the current season 5 . Thanks for showing such a great family friendly show. Any chance you might also be able to air Love Comes Softly series also by Janette Oke ??? And more Hallmark romance movies to watch on catch up??? Thanks again.

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