Phil Thomson, Capturing The Creator’s Handiwork

Geelong based Photographer Phil Thomson is relieved to have been released from regional Victoria’s 4th lockdown. It’s been a tough year, that has seen Phil restricted from the thing that gives him greatest joy: Getting out into nature and the beauty of God’s creation and capturing moments that God reveals and blesses him with.



“To some photography is a hobby, to others a job, but for me it is far beyond either of those, it is a passion,” says Phil. “For as long as I can remember I have always loved photography, and over the years it has become a large part of who I am.”

With a Father who was always taking black and white photographs and slides on family holidays at Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, Phil started his photography career by trying to take surfing photos at Lorne Point by sticking an old instamatic camera on the end of a pair of binoculars to get tele shots of the surfers. When he began working, first at Myer, then at Camera House, he saved up and bought his own DSLR film camera. Various lenses followed and then through trial and error and a bit of reading, Phil taught himself to take good pictures. He then learned how to colour print by visiting a local photographer’s studio & darkroom whilst courting his wife, Trish and watching him colour print. Phil then set up his own gear in a darkroom in the back of the garage at their first home, printing colour and black and white. Phil says with God’s help, guidance and opportunities he has learned and improved on techniques over the years.

It is Phil’s passion that gets him out of bed in the morning, looking for that elusive sunrise and finds him collapsing into bed late after chasing the perfect sunset.



“I have found that over the years God’s handiwork, his Creation, his canvas if you will, never ceases to amaze me, this is where I find most of my inspiration for my work. I love that from one day to the next my photos are never the same.

“For me photography has always been my escape, for through the lens of a camera I view this world differently, I see things from a different perspective and I find meaning in each photo that I capture.



“Whether I am capturing the smiles on my children’s faces, the joy of a bride on her wedding day or whether it is God’s ever changing landscape, behind that lens is where I feel comfortable, I  guess it is where I feel most “me”, most alive… I feel at home!

“I often stand in awe and admire the beauty of God’s Creation. The colours, textures, tones and shapes, especially the way the light falls and reflects, thus revealing things often overlooked, particularly during the grandeur of a sunrise or sunset, or the spectacle of a rainbow.



“I really just want to try and capture and share some of what I see as ‘The Creator’s Handiwork’.”

Now widowed, retired and living in the Lifestyle Village Mount Duneed, Phil loves an opportunity to escape to the coast, or out into the country in search of the perfect pic. Phil has an open invitation to fellow photographers who find themselves in the Geelong area to join him for a coffee and a photoshoot as he loves to share his passion with others.



“The one thing I know for certain from my previous experiences in this life is the only thing we can take with us is memories, so I choose to try and capture as many of these memories as I can, so that I can share with my family, friends and strangers the world that I see,” he says. “Photography allows me to show others the world from my point of view.”



Phil generously shares his work with Christian organisations including Insight for Living, The Salvation Army and ACCTV. ACCTV will feature some of Phil’s beautiful photos in our newsletters, posts and blogs over the coming weeks.


For more of Phil’s gorgeous images visit his facebook page:  Click here to visit now.

For purchase enquiries contact him via email:



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