Ten winter crumbles to warm the cockles of your heart

Mmmm, nothing like a delicious apple crumble with hot custard on a chilly winter evening… Golden, crunchy, laced with buttery goodness. Well, look out! Here’s some out-of-this-world crumble recipes I found on delicious.com.au that will change your life. Apples schmapples – crumble is now on a whole new level and we LOVE it.

Fig and pistachio crumble cake

Crunchy on the outside, moist and delicious in the centre, this cake is the perfect winter dessert. Serve warm with a dollop of cream or vanilla bean ice cream.


Rhubarb crumble meringue pie

Rhubarb crumble meringue pie

Rhubarb crumble is a favourite and so is lemon meringue pie. Combine the two – GENIUS.


This pineapple and coconut crumble is a game-changer

Tropical pineapple and coconut might seem more like a summer combo but this cool-weather crumble will bring sunshine to a chilly day.


Plum crumble with Szechuan salt

Plum crumble with Sichuan salt

Sichuan adds an enticing heat to the sweetness of the plums. Drool…


This blueberry and lemon curd crumble is a must-try

This blueberry and lemon crumble will surely become a winter favourite with your family and friends. “…so you’ll be making that blueberry lemon crumble right?”


Baked apples with rhubarb crumble

Baked apples with rhubarb crumble – oh yeah

Okay, so this one has apples, but boring old apple crumble it is not. Warm and fruity, these will sweeten up your winter evenings.


Kumara crumble

Christmas in July? Try sweet potato crumble

Savoury crumble? Oh yes! This American style side-dish is scrumptious and makes a terrific addition to any special occasion feast.


Banana and hazelnut crumble brownie

Banana and hazelnuts are a match made in dessert heaven. Combine them with chocolate and add a crunchy crumble and you’ve got a winner.


Plum and walnut crumble slice

A scoop of vanilla ice cream and this is the perfect end to a winter menu.


Banana, peanut and chocolate crumble

Banana, peanut and chocolate crumble

This ooey-gooey crumble is not only super tasty, you’ve probably got all the ingredients in your pantry already!


Feature image: American Heritage Chocolate (Unsplash)  |  Thumbnail image: Jennifer Pallian (Unsplash)

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