Be That

Be That is a TV series that presents common life issues and shares the real stories of individuals who have journeyed through bondage to freedom.

Be That also offers the relevant resources to encourage people to gather together and connect through intentional and empowering conversations.

We believe these conversations allow us to recognize the areas of our lives where we are not free and collectively inspire each other to ‘be that’ person we were designed to be.

Access the topic resources and corresponding questions to start your own journey to understanding and healing at


Can You See Me?

We live in a world that is increasingly accessible, & interconnected via the internet & social media. We all have this inherent desire to belong & be understood. But we also have insecurities & past experiences that cloud our perception.



Conquering the B.S.

Today’s conversation explores “Conquering the Bogus Story”. Discover that we all have our own version of a Bogus Story, to identify the ways it can impact our lives and explore how we can challenge it!



Heart to Heart Relationships

The bond between a parent and child draws powerfully from the very core of who we are as individuals – sometimes stretching us to the limits – but it is a heart to heart relationship unlike any other.



Being Brave & Courageous

Being brave & courageous: what does this really means? We might chase success or strive to meet the expectations of others, but it can leave us feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. So, what if you asked yourself, ‘What really matters?’



Healthy Emotions

Mental health is an issue that affects everyone. We meet two amazing Aussie men who’ve had very different experiences with mental health, but share similar journeys, having found the courage to reach out and talk about their emotions.



I Am the Provider

What does it mean to be ‘The Provider’ in the context of family? Be That thinks it’s worth reconsidering. Beneath the surface of it all, does it requires a lot more vulnerability and availability than we’ve been accustomed to?



Rite of Passage

The transition from childhood to adulthood is inevitable, but have we lost the art of growing up? Do young people lack the guidance they need to navigate this change? The team discuss tools needed to embrace this shift of responsibility.



Setting the Tone

There are days we’d rather forget. We start off intending to be the best version of ourselves, only to find we’re behaving less & less like we’d hoped. This episode explores ‘Setting the Tone’ & how to retain it during the daily hustle.



Getting the Balance Right

Busy parents juggling marriage, children and work are offered plenty of advice about finding & perfecting balance, but actually achieving it can seem an impossible task. Learn to identify and pursue the balance that’s right for your family.



New Normal

Facing a major loss can be life altering & require acceptance of what is called ‘a New Normal’. This discussion will explore how a significant challenge can be worked through to establish a meaningful New Normal.



The Value of Time and Space

With divorce rates higher than ever, it’s apparent that people’s needs aren’t being met. Time with each other is vital to maintain ongoing intimacy. However, it’s easy to overlook that time apart is just as valuable.



Communicating Love in a Marriage

This episode points a lens at the importance of seeing love as something you learn and not just feel; and that understanding the various and valid ways love is needed and expressed can help to create a deeper, more satisfying marriage.

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