Day for Daniel

Different shades of red will appear on school Children all across Australia today. And for some, why that is, may still be a mystery.


But for the team at ACCTV we are all too aware. Because we are located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, which is home to the sad story behind the red shirts you’ll see all over the place today.


Back in December 2003, a 13 year old student, Daniel Morcombe was abducted and killed while waiting to catch a bus.   For many years his parents had no closure to this story, as they didn’t know what had happened to Daniel. But despite this, in their resilience, they started the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, which campaigns to make Australia a safer place for all children. So every rosy shirt you see on a child today is a reminder to them to stay safe. And the schools involved educate their students on ways to do so.


To help raise awareness about such an important topic, we wanted to provide 3 simple ways to help you get involved to make this a safer Australia for our kids.

  1. Educate. It is vital to begin teaching our kids about personal safety. The Daniel Morcombe webpage offers a variety of resources to help educate your children about safety. Click HERE to access more information.
  2. Wear red. Daniel Morcombe was wearing red the day he was abducted. This colour has been taken on by the Daniel Morcombe foundation and provides an easy way for anybody to be involved. Wearing red helps draw attention and brings widespread awareness to this problem.
  3. Get involved in Day for Daniel. There are so many ways to participate in Day for Daniel whether it be by doing the walk, by wearing red or organising a local event to bring awareness to this issue. Find ways to get involved HERE.


Child safety and protection is something that affects everyone whether you are a parent or not. All of us know a child and want that child to be safe. It is important to begin educating kids while they are young so that prevention can be put into place. And it’s important to take them seriously when they want to tells us about things that make them feel unsafe. So today as we remember the life of Daniel Morcombe, let’s all do our part in making this a safer Australia for everyone.


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