Beat January 31st

If I had a dollar for the number of times I have heard “New Year, New Me” in the last week, I would be a new me because I would be a millionaire. With the start of a fresh year comes new goals, resolutions and plans. Many of these things have to do with health and fitness. Magazines headlining the “How to Get Fit Without Exercising,” droves of people juice cleansing, deals for gym memberships, Whole 30 books and so on. It’s as though starting the new year is a time to create the image of ourselves that we wanted to at the start of 2017…2016…you get the picture. I am a firm believer in health and truly believe that wellness is important, but I also believe in sustainability. Instead of looking for a quick fix or magic pill, I challenge you to find the best version of yourself that will last beyond January 31st.

Science, experience and testimonials tells us that in order to live a healthy life, there needs to be a balance of exercise and good nutrition. It’s the whole idea that “one doughnut doesn’t make you unhealthy just as one salad doesn’t make you healthy.” In the same light, one month of super strict gym regimes and eating completely clean, when it’s not the life style you’re used to, won’t suddenly change who you are. Instead, it is about finding an approach that works for your lifestyle and making small changes that are sustainable. For example, if you have never stepped into a gym before and are used to eating out five times a week, it would be unrealistic to think you’ll be able to sustain a life of going to the gym at 5am 7 days a week and only eating organic meats, fruits and veggies.

What does a small but manageable shift look like? For this person it could be only eating out once a week, incorporating more veggies and committing to go to the gym 3 days a week. Once again, it is a case by case situation, and there cannot be a blanket rule for everyone. Certain people are in the space to make more drastic changes, and it works with where they are in their journey. After all, wouldn’t you rather have progress that lasts rather than quick results that fade? Having a slow and steady approach leads to developing habits that change your lifestyle, and that is incredible not only for your physical health but also emotional and mental.

So maybe skip out on the $300 dollar “Get the Body you Want Now” package, and evaluate where in your life small changes can be made. The beauty of this approach is that once you have developed one habit, you can continue to further your health journey and challenge yourself with a better likelihood of sticking to your goals. Maybe January looks like eating out only once a week and February looks like moving away from processed foods. Only you truly know what’s best for you so ditch the quick fixes and let’s go after progress that continues after January 31st!


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