Navigating Life | Sydney To Hobart

After a festive stop over in Sydney, sailors from around the world are currently partaking in the iconic Rolex Sydney Hobart race.  This also doubles as stage 5 in the ‘All Australian Leg 4’ in the ‘Clipper Round the World Yacht Race’.  The teams have been racing since Boxing Day and must have complete the race by New Years day.

John Naylor is currently sailing for team ‘Ariel’ as skipper, and is a regular staple on the sailing scene in Australia. After moving to Australia, it was here that he found his love of sailing grow and the opportunities for him to engage in increase.
His keen love of sailing doesn’t just stem from the sport itself but has been paramount in encouraging him to explore his own faith, and the ‘adventure involved.’

[To] figuring out who God is. Why has he made all this, and why has he made me? That’s an adventure Im addicted to.‘ He also likens the lessons learnt from sailing as aiding him in his parenting, hopingthat the skills he has gained upon the ocean, he too can pass on to his children to help them also ‘navigate life.’

Our friends at ‘The Bible Society’ recently interviewed John, and learnt more about what ‘anchors him’.  You can hear & watch more of John’s story here.  And for those of you keen to keep an eye on John’s journey and track his team’s boat ‘Ariel’, click here.

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