Mother’s Day

I think Mother’s Day is great! The more I think about it, the more I think, as a husband, I may have underplayed the significance of taking a day out to celebrate the important role women and specifically the role mothers play. Now, I’m quite aware that my male friends are probably getting a little uncomfortable here, and you may be reading this thinking I’m just looking for extra points with my wife. Allow me to continue.

Jeanette, my wife, and I have just celebrated 16 years since our first date. We will have been married 15 years this coming December. We didn’t date for long. I just knew. We’ve got three awesome children. Two boys and a girl. The thing they all have in common is they all arrived early. Samuel (10) was born at 37 weeks, Luke (5) at 33 weeks and Zara (3) at 29 weeks. So progressively earlier with each child. I’m pleased to report all are healthy and we feel very blessed to have had excellent medical assistance. We are truly blessed in Australia.

I’m also thankful for how my wife managed through the emotional and physical challenges she endured as a result of delivering three premature children. She is a superhero in my eyes… so yes, I’m going to sing the praises of mothers today and every day. Not just for childbirth and not just because there is nothing I could have done to take her place in either of the three situations we found ourselves in. But mostly because nobody, not even Dad, is ever quite like Mum.

More than eleven years ago, my Mother died of pancreatic cancer. Her battle with the ‘big-C’ was a little under 12-months. Sadly, she never got to see my children, but I know she would have made a huge fuss of them, and they would have adored her too. Last weekend, we put up an old photograph of Mum when she was 3-years old. The resemblance with Zara, our youngest, is striking.

So, Mother’s Day is a tough day and a happy day for me. I’m reminded of the strength and the gentleness, the compassion and the love that only a Mother gives.

Kids. Dads. Come on, let’s go all out this year to make a big fuss of our Mother’s. Hey, maybe we shouldn’t just keep it to one day either… too far?  Sorry lads 😉

Happy Mother’s Day.


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