Staff Christmas Traditions: Bella

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year because it means all my favourite, slightly tacky, holiday-themed movies, music and t-shirts get to come out of an 11-month hibernation. I’m one of those people that, as soon as December 1st hits, I’m ready.

Michael Buble becomes my go to car music. My tree goes up. I try and work red and green into all of my outfits. To say I get excited over Christmas is a huge understatement. One of my favourite Christmas themed things to do is watch holiday movies with my family. Classics like Elf and Christmas With The Cranks are staples for my sisters and I at this time of year and watching one without the rest of the family is basically a crime. Funny movies help pass the time on Christmas Eve, waiting for one of our favourite days of the year to arrive. It helps us transition peacefully from loud and crazy Christmas day with our extended family, to those food comas that’ve been waiting for us since lunchtime.

It might sound strange, but nothing says “a successful Christmas” to me like lying on couches with cups of tea, some form of Tim Allen on the TV and eyes slowly drooping shut, except maybe going for a late night Christmas light looking adventure when you catch your second wind.

Christmas is such a special, family, time for me and mine, and I hope for you and yours too. Merry Christmas!


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