5 Takeaways From Our Interview with Jentezen Franklin

You know when you meet someone, have a conversation and think, “There are so many good things being said, how will I remember all of this?” Maybe it was a sermon. Maybe at a conference. Or maybe, you got the chance to meet a someone that just has a deep wisdom.

That was me a few weeks ago when I went along to  Hillsong Conference. Our team from ACCTV was running around behind the scenes, and we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with a number of people involved.

One person who really hit me with a heap of great wisdom was Jentezen Franklin. And it wasn’t just me that he resonated with as our entire ACCTV crew was moved…even one to tears! He truly is a man of godly wisdom. Here are five things I learned from that interview.

  1. Find a great mentor. Jentezen Franklin talks about who inspires him, and he touches on the people who took him under their wing because they saw potential. These people called out the gold and fostered it because they believed in him. Without those mentors, who knows if he would have realised the special calling on his life. Who knows if he would have reached his full capability? It is so important that we have people that we look up to who have gone before us- whether it be for advice, prayer or accountability. We are able to be our best self when being championed, edified and corrected by people around us.
  2. Being obedient opens doors. We got a glimpse into how Jentezen Franklin’s TV ministry began, and it is woven with the thread of obedience to God. A man who was obedient to God called him to see if he could preach at his church. In obedience Jentezen Franklin said yes. At the end of that service, God wanted the speaker to take up an offering. Despite what the speaker felt, he was obedient and asked if he could do so. In obedience once again, Jentezen Franklin said yes, and that is how his TV ministry was funded to kick off. Simply because a few men listened to what God was saying, hundreds of thousands of lives across the world are being impacted. I doubt the speaker or Jentezen Franklin could have ever anticipated that this is what God had planned. Being obedient to God opens doors we never knew existed.
  3. Love like you’ve never been hurt. This one liner rocked me. It’s the title for his new book being released next year, and I can hardly wait! What does loving like you have never been hurt look like? Is it  possible for a human to fathom? Jentezen Franklin was getting at through this was the importance of vulnerability at the centre. As humans, most of us have experienced things that have left us a bit jaded towards people or the world. He makes a point in saying they shouldn’t be things that hold us back from loving people unconditionally. Often that looks like sacrifice on our part, which can be a hard thing to do.
  4. Value your loved ones. Despite the scale of the job he has, the ministry he has helped build, the travelling he has done and much more, he said his greatest achievement was his family. How amazing is that? It was particularly inspiring to hear Jentezen Franklin talk about his family life. About how he has been married to his wife for 30 years. About his son that is going to university soon.  I can almost guarantee this is a choice he and his family have had to make… to be intentional with each other and work towards prioritising each other. Jentezen Franklin does an excellent job in showing us the reward and worth with intentionally pursuing your loved ones.
  5. Authenticity is powerful. Beyond anything that I spoke about with Jentezen Franklin, I learned about the weight it holds when you find genuine people. The way he interacted with our team showed us value as a company and individuals. He understood and supported the vision behind ACCTV and was so grateful for the work we do. He carried himself with such a raw representation of his heart that we got a glimpse into who Jentezen Franklin really is. His actions made his words meaningful because it was evident that it was an overflow of who he is and not a show he was putting on. Seeing the way he is characterised by authenticity reminded me how it becomes second nature.

Jentezen Franklin talked about a range of other things that you can hear more about in our Meet the Makers interview, now available on YouTube. It was such a privilege to meet an authentic man called by God for impactful ministry.

Meet the Makers: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=4zLKgwJ6Q_o


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