Meet The World Adoption Day Founder

Expensive and time-consuming.

These are usually the first thoughts I have when in conversations about adoption.

How about you, what are your thoughts?

Well, after recently talking with the Adopt Together and World Adoption Day Founder, Hank Fortener, my ideas have been turned upside down.

Hank shared his story with me and explained what life looked like being raised in a family that opened its arms wide, adopting and fostering many children. His experience allowed him to witness the beauty that comes from family and how it can transform a persons life. A rare perspective that most of us don’t have the privilege of seeing.

Hank’s family story naturally lead him to advocate for adoption. But what he quickly discovered was finances often determined the future of a family.

“87 per cent of the reason people don’t adopt, who consider adoption and even start the process, is they don’t follow through with an adoption because it’s too expensive,” he says.

This inspired a search for a solution and shaped his vision to see a world with no more orphans.  As a result, AdoptTogether was born. This organisation is a non-profit, crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between families who want to adopt and the children who need loving homes.

Here Hank shares more with us about the journey, his experiences and the story behind how he become the founder of World Adoption Day.

Today’s the third official celebration (15 November) – a day dedicated to celebrating family.

We invite you to take part and join the global conversation. To add your voice, simply draw a smiley face on your hand, take a selfie and hashtag #worldadoptionday

To watch some inspiring, personal stories along the same theme, take a look at these documentaries, Bringing Joshua Home and Find Me, On Demand via ACCTV NOW.

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