Meet The Makers: Baking Tips from the Creator of Cake Alchemy

You would assume the creator of Cake Alchemy Ligre Ward, loves cake but in our interview she secretly admits she doesn’t have a sweet tooth.


The tower cake (as seen above) has become one of her signature creations. She’s developed a reputation for creating mesmerising designs with equally interesting flavour and colour combinations.

Her weekly food shop includes about 10-kilograms of flour. And the most popular baking question she’s asked is how to keep a tower-cake standing? (She shares her tips in our interview below).

Ligre says the idea to launch her business, Cake Alchemy, came after she started blessing others with her sweet treats at Christmas.

“I use to run a Christmas campaign called, ‘treats of hope’ a few years ago where we gave packaged homemade rocky road as gifts to people who were in need… we gifted thousands,

“I got to a point last year where my heart was really for women and especially those from abused and drug related backgrounds. I wanted to make a difference and thought what can I do? I prayed about it and God said use what’s in your hand, your skills,” she says.

Since launching Cake Alchemy at the start of the year, the business has allowed Ligre to share her cake-making tips through her classes.  She says the business will eventually include a charity to offer training to women from difficult backgrounds.

Find out more about Ligre’s story and her fail-proof tip to keeping your tower cake standing in the interview below.


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