Our Role in the Refugee Crisis

This week I spoke to the founder of We Welcome Refugees, Vickie Reddy. Her story is one of compassion and action. As we talked, Vickie shared candidly about the wrestle she went through in order to find her way to respond to the global refugee crisis.

It’s a thought I (and many others) often struggle with as I watch, read and hear about the injustice taking place in foreign countries.

What can I do?

Where do I start?

But as Vickie reminded me in our interview, no matter who we are, where we’re located or what we do, change starts when we learn to love the stranger in our own community. It may sound too simple, but it’s a starting point and a challenge we’re all capable of.

“Find someone different to us and know their story and engage with them in meaningful community.”

Vickie is currently in the Middle East. To hear what she’s doing and more on how to participate, check out our interview below.

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