It’s More than Coffee

If you’ve taken some time out to read this blog, you most likely have a coffee in hand. It’s been official for a long time. Australians love coffee. It’s more than a drink. It’s a way of life. A life with cafes and coffee roasters on every corner. A life with piccolos and Ethiopian beans. A life with aero presses and espresso machines. A life where we daily traverse weather, long lines and budgets to ensure our flat white is top notch. But coffee is more than a hot drink, it’s  a culture.

This is because if at all possible, we don’t line up for a coffee alone. We do it together. Coffee catch ups and coffee dates are among some of the most popular social outings. Coffee brings us together. Whether it’s two people or large groups. Coffee  supports us as we form deep connections that extend beyond the drink. 

A cup of coffee opens a safe space. It allows us to float across the surface or dive deeper into relationship. We all know the rules of “grabbing a coffee” together. We journey through that, and we open ourselves to one another. The remarkable part is that we have a safe space to open ourselves to the level where we feel comfortable. It allows for connection, which is all anyone wants when they ask to catch up for coffee.  

I have had monumental conversations over a cup of coffee. I have had perspectives challenged. I have voiced fears. I have dreamed out loud. I have cried. I have laughed. I have said hellos and goodbyes. I have had interviews. I have had confrontations. I have had dates. I have had mentor meetings. I have had study groups. I have had sunrise cups. Sunset cups. I have had lattes. Cold brews.  With loved ones, with strangers. With men and women. With people who are like me and people who are different. There’s one common thread through all of these interactions. Although it has been at varying levels, community has been shown to me through each one of those cups of coffee.  My life has been transformed by these interactions, and I have been shaped by these conversations. So a cup of coffee means so much more than a hot beverage.

Coffee is connection. And what is the connection that people so desire? Simple: the desire to know and be known. Coffee equates to community, and no coffee connoisseur can argue that.


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