There Is Hope For Your Marriage: Restoring Togetherness

Life and relationships don’t always go to plan do they? Do you remember daydreaming about the kind of person you wanted to do life with? Did you have a picture in your head about marriage and what it would be like? Has your experience lived up to your expectations of enjoying life with your soul mate, lover and best friend? Or has marriage been entirely different to what you always dreamed it would be?

We are all walking this journey of life one day at a time. We are in the process of seeing some dreams come to life, and others fizzle and fade away. Marriage can be one of the most difficult things to navigate that’s for sure! We come into it with so many hopes and expectations. We quickly learn that marriage can be rewarding, full of fun, laughter and love but there are also whirlwind times of incredible pain, sacrifice and even loneliness. Sometimes we are found in full blown grief over dreams we had that never came to pass or were lost somewhere along the way.

How can it be that the one relationship God created as the solution to loneliness could actually become the loneliest journey of all?

That’s not what He intended for you. There is hope for restoration of your marriage and mine today. This is what Jesus put on my heart this morning…..

Your life is a beautiful work of art in the hands of the Master Designer. He brilliantly and lovingly takes you and moulds you and reshapes you in the mess, in the circumstances of life. He breathes life into your hopeless situations and restores your heart and your spirit when you walk through difficult places of pain and process. He gives beauty for ashes through seasons of brokenness and He promises you the oil of joy through all the tears you’ve shed….by the way….those tears…He has seen and bottled every single one. He doesn’t miss a thing. He faithfully walks beside you and gives you strength to stand when your heart feels like it’s failing you and you can’t take anymore. He is the one who knows you better than you know yourself. He understands pain, rejection, disappointment and abandonment better than anyone and He is moved with compassion when He sees what you are walking through. When you hurt, He hurts. When something matters deeply to you, it matters deeply to Him.

When you feel intense loneliness, when you grieve because your hopes for marriage and the dreams that you had for a life of “ultimate togetherness” are unfulfilled and unrealised, He moves closer still and He whispers to your heart and to your brokenness “I am the one who restores all things.”

Doesn’t He sound like the ultimate person to do life with? That’s because He is.

I get a deep sense of Him saying to you and to me in this season that He is restoring togetherness. If marriage is not all it was cracked up to be, if you have been lonely in your marriage and you haven’t felt that you are loved unconditionally then these words of hope are for you.

Jesus’ allowed his body to be broken for you on the cross and His heart breaks for you now. He is the only one who will ever love you perfectly, just as you need to be loved – gently, passionately, eternally, you are known and understood, seen as a precious gift to be treasured and enjoyed. He loves to hear your voice and He is completely invested in every detail of your life. He values you so highly that He went through extreme suffering in every way and He exchanged His life for you – for the pure and simple joy of knowing you intimately and being in relationship with you. He has determined your worth and your value and it’s never going to change. You are accepted and unconditionally loved with the purest of love by Him.

The Japanese have a beautiful art form called Kintsugi. It means to repair with gold. It is the art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold. As a philosophy it is about embracing the flawed or imperfect and it highlights the cracks and repairs in an object rather than rendering it useless at the time it broke or was damaged. The item becomes more valuable because of the substance that holds it together.

In the same way, Jesus gathers up the broken pieces of your life, broken hopes, broken dreams, broken hearts and relationships. Put your brokenness in His hands and let Him restore things as they should be. Let Him be the one who holds you and your marriage together. Marriage can be a difficult journey at times, I’ve learned that firsthand. It takes effort, time and prayer fuelled by the hope that things won’t always be this way. Having walked a broken and lonely path at times with one hand wiping away constant tears and the other held by Jesus, my experience has been that nothing is so broken that He can’t fix it. Let Him speak to your heart and restore your hope in His ability to bring you and your spouse to a place of closeness and togetherness that you only dreamed was possible. He is the God of restoration and togetherness is His greatest heart’s desire too. Hold onto hope in this season, beautiful. Restoration is coming through Him.

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