Mums Aren’t Superheroes

After watching the recent “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice,” I heard a lot of complaints about the apparent lack of plot progression. One minute the two heroes are fighting to the death and the next, they are fighting together.

This sudden turnaround was obviously confusing for many people. The underlying cause seems to be due to the special relationship found between a boy and his mum. Even Lex Luthor (the villain of our tale) said it, “Every boy’s special lady is his mother.”

As the battle between our two heroes comes to a head, with Batman ultimately set up to win, Superman accuses Batman of letting Martha die (both of their mothers are named Martha). Batman is stopped in his tracks.

The two go on to clear up the confusion around the mistaken mother’s identity. Eventually, the need to protect Superman’s mother unites the two against the evil, Lex Luthor. Superman fights to protect his mother whilst Batman fights because he never got the chance to protect his. This is what brings them together so quickly. Our mum’s are the first people we learn to protect. They’re also the first ones to protect us.

From the beginning of my life, mum was the one who picked me up, cleaned my scraped knees, fed me (that’s a big one), and sang me to sleep. All the while she cooked, cleaned, worked as a shift worker, looked after two other kids, and raised us to love each other and love Jesus. It’s hard to think of life without her.

I still remember her licking her thumb and rubbing dirt off my cheek before my first day of school, and I remember her doing the exact same thing moments before my wedding… even though I am pretty sure there was no dirt there.

Some say mums are superheroes but I don’t think that’s quite right. If a superhero has the power and strength of character to save the world, then surely it takes someone so much stronger and ultimately even more special to raise one. We see that even characters as strong as Batman and Superman needed their mums. The place they hold in our lives and hearts is unlike any other.

So this Mother’s Day, let’s thank our mums for being the strongest people we know. Let’s thank them for teaching us to have strength. And finally to my own dear mother, thanks for being the strongest and most precious person in my life.


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