My Mother

My mother has always been a loving and supportive woman who has really been the backbone of my family. She was always a major part of my siblings lives, as well as mine. She always supported my sisters and I with our hopes and endeavours, and I can definitely credit much of where I am today because of her.

I truly believe she tried her best to love her family the way God loves us all, and I believe she was effective at it. When my parents and I moved halfway across the world away from my sisters, I personally found it very difficult to blend into a new culture and to assimilate into a new school. During this time, my mother did her utmost to make the process as easy as possible for me, when I know that the process was equally as difficult, if not more so, for her. Now that my family is living in the one country again, and my eldest sister has two kids of her own, my mother frequently makes an effort to be in her grandkids lives as much as possible. She does her best to love them the same way she loved my siblings and I.

In saying all of this this, my mother is not someone to push the wrong way. Although loving, my mother was much worse to make mad than my father. She knew how to effectively discipline her kids, as well as teach us to respect her. My mother is someone I greatly admire, and she has played a huge part in the way I see and treat women in my day to day life. She has ultimately been a great example of a godly, Christ-like, strong and beautiful woman.


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