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Avengers: Infinity War came out on Wednesday and fans of every demographic imaginable rushed to their local cinemas to see the biggest universal crossover project to date. I had a lot of expectations and investment in this movie seeing as it’s been a 10 year build up of 18 high impact films and countless wonderful characters, and look – I’m not disappointed, I’m just angry and very very sad.

Without giving any spoilers away, Infinity War was a whirlwind of well-timed comedy, emotionally tense sacrifice and total and utter destruction. Missing from this seemingly perfect action movie concoction was the resolution every Marvel fan craves. I knew going in that there’s an Infinity War Part 2 slated for release in a year or two, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that there were loose ends flapping around everywhere when the cinema lights came back on, but oh man I definitely was.

The plot was both the hero and hardest part of this blockbuster – directors Joe and Anthony Russo did their best to tie together MANY different plots and characters, but the sheer volume was a touch overwhelming. It was such a thick narrative, it was kind of like wading through a strong current or a small pool of custard. It was hard at times to keep up with who was getting punched, who was in each location, who we were meant to be worried about – that’s just a by product of having 19+ main characters.

Visually, this film is outstanding. As a designer by trade and art film nerd at heart, the look of the movie is almost as important to me as the actual content. All of the costumes were wonderful; the attention to detail during and after battle scenes made the rips and scuffs and dents feel real. The special and digital effects were seamless, to the point where it made perfect sense that Captain America was fighting a giant purple guy whose fist was as big as his head. The sets and locations felt lush and realistic, not flat as many composited spaces tend to. So, if nothing else, I can commend the creators on excellent craftsmanship.

I would recommend this film to any Marvel fan, because while it’ll rip your heart out slowly and surely, it’s kind of the best thing that’s ever happened. I didn’t know I needed Star Lord dissing Iron Man’s ideas, or Spiderman being very confused by Dr Strange until I saw it. It’s kind of like when you have a big birthday party, and you invite all of your family, your school friends, your work colleagues, your Pizza Night mates and that random you met down by the beach, and they all come and start mingling, and suddenly all these different worlds start colliding in your head – that’s Infinity War in a nutshell. Seeing characters that you’ve loved and been invested in for 10 years meeting each other, crossing worlds and mixing jokes, that’s the best.

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  1. In the movie genicide was mentioned as an answer to some perceived world problem. By the end of the movie that indeed was what occurred. Random people turned into dust. What message is being sent I wonder from Hollywood . There may have been other messages in the movie which I missed while asleep.

  2. Infinity War does what it sets out to do, and does it in a pleasant and diverting enough manner. The film moves briskly through its run time, light on it feet. Perhaps a little too light.

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