What happens when a heavy metal, meth addict meets Jesus?

What happens when you take a heavy metal rock star meth addict to meet Jesus?

Well, LOUD KRAZY LOVE of course.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch, guitarist for the nu metal band Korn, was at the pinnacle of musical success. He was playing to huge crowds, the band’s albums were hitting number one, they were receiving accolades and awards and not only that, but Brian was a new dad, with the birth of his daughter Jennea.

And all this was taking place while he was on a self-destructive meth addicted binge.

LOUD KRAZY LOVE is the story of what happened next. As I found out when we chatted with Brian, it’s his story, but it’s also a Korn story and at its heart, it’s a story of a father and daughter trying to find a pathway to hope.

And without giving away any spoilers, LOUD KRAZY LOVE is a raw, real and authentic story of that journey – but therein lies the potency of this documentary which you can see demonstrated by the amazing response to the Australian release of the film.

To catch a glimpse of this you should check out Movies Change People on social media – @HeritageHM. They’ve shared plenty of other interviews and audience experiences.

These exist because Brian came to support the release of LOUD CRAZY LOVE but what I loved is that he didn’t just to talk to professionals in the media to promote his film. He spent a lot of time meeting and greeting Korn fans, answering their questions, graciously accepting their thanks and encouraging them that there is a God that loves them, wants to know them, and isn’t afraid of any of the darkness they may feel trapped in.

I also had the privilege to hear Brian share at my local church, he made sure it was clear that God also wasn’t afraid of the goodness we might be trapped in too. Encouraging everyone and all, to seek Jesus, and to find hope and healing in the source of life.

Something that flows out of Brian and is captured so beautifully in LOUD KRAZY LOVE.

Check out the whole interview with Brian here: