Gifted | Movie Review

Quick! Multiply the square root of 134 times the sum of 62 and 91 taken to the 3rd degree. What did you get?

Let’s be honest… all of that flew right over your head. It’s okay because that’s the case for most of us. Not for Mary Adler in the upcoming Fox film, ‘Gifted.’

Mary (McKenna Grace) is a 7-year-old mathematical prodigy who lives with her uncle Frank (Chris Evans) in the sunny Tampa, Florida. Her best friend is her one-eyed cat called Fred and the older neighbour next door, Roberta (Octavia Spencer.) The movie begins with Frank forcing Mary to attend first grade with all of the other kids. It doesn’t take long for Mary’s teacher to realise there is something special about her. Not only does Mary have a uniquely fiery personality, but she is gifted. She shows a remarkable mathematical talent that leaves her bored in class. But this aptitude surpasses anything normal. It is a “one in a billion” talent. After getting into a few scuffles at school, Mary’s talent is discovered by her principal who tries to enrol her in a special school specifically for gifted students. 

Frank intervenes and refuses on the basis of wanting Mary to have a “normal” childhood. His rationale is that it is what Mary’s mother would have wanted. This doesn’t stop the determined principal who summons Frank’s mother and Mary’s maternal grandmother to get involved. In comes Evelyn Adler (Lindsay Duncan) from her upper class, Massachusetts lifestyle down to the suburbs of the south. Having realised Mary’s prodigious talent, Evelyn is determined to gain custody of Mary and bring her back North so that she can be tutored and prepared for a life dedicated to mathematics. Thus begins the battle of what everyone thinks would be best for Mary.


And who wins? Well, you’ll have to see the movie to find out.


‘Gifted’ is certainly a feel good movie that is a bit predictable. That doesn’t stop us from loving it from start to finish. With strong lead actors and a plotline that keeps you cheering for the good guys, we recommend ‘Gifted’ for many reasons. It’s a movie that has something for everyone- a little bit of humour, a little bit of romance and strong characters.  The movie presents themes such as putting others before yourself, valuing what’s really important in life and ultimately how to love others. Even though the movie promotes good values throughout, we do recommend that parents with kids be cautious. There’s a handful of foul language throughout the movie, paired with innuendos thrown in and a pre-marital sex scene that occurs after a night out. We certainly do not support these themes, but ultimately ‘Gifted’ presents more good than bad. So if you’re looking for a movie that you can have a few good laughs during and maybe a sneaky cry, we recommend you check out ‘Gifted.’ Coming to cinemas June 8th.

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