When Calls the Heart at Christmas – Presents for YOU!

Loved ones return, Christmas Spirits are renewed, children’s wishes are granted, and hearts are warmed in the When Calls the Heart Season Five prequels, The Christmas Wishing Tree. Starting December 13 and over two magical weeks, experience Christmas in Hope Valley with all your favourites, Elizabeth and Jack, Rosemary and Lee, Abigail, Bill and Henry.

As the Christmas Season begins in Hope Valley, Elizabeth finds herself reflecting in her journal. It has been 6 months since Jack left on patrol and there has been no contact now for over a week. Elizabeth fears for her new fiancé’s safety and wonders if it is possible for him to return for the holidays. Should she dare to make a Christmas Wish?

Wishes are much on the heart of all the Hope Valley residents as they gather around the town Christmas Tree. Abigail explains that this year’s tree is special – it is a Wishing Tree. Everyone is tasked to write their wish on an ornament and hang it on the tree. 

As the countdown to Christmas continues, wishes are granted in many wonderful and magical ways as the citizens of Hope Valley come together, inspired by the magic of the season and the ‘enchanted’ tree, to make each other’s wishes come true.

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED The Christmas Wishing Tree not only sees the return of Season 5 of When Calls the Heart, but it also opens our ACCTV Christmas viewing period. To celebrate, we’ve got presents! You could win your very own When God Calls the Heart at Christmas Devotional and Keepsake Journal, thanks to Koorong.  

Written by When Calls the Heart executive producer and co-creator Brian Bird and best-selling author Michelle Cox, the When God Calls the Heart at Christmas is a celebration of faith, family and friends and is packed with recipes, stories and Yuletide traditions, many submitted by Hearties, the beloved fans of the show. We’ve got FIVE sets to give away!

For your chance to win, comment below and tell us YOUR Christmas wish. What would you hang on The Christmas Wishing Tree? (Australian audiences only sorry) COMPETITION NOW CLOSED (But please feel free to still add your Christmas wishes!) Congratulations to our winners, Christine, Chrystie, Kylie, Mel and Rachel.

If you’re not a winner purchase here. (Wouldn’t they make great gifts for the Heartie in your life? Hint, hint, Dad!) Also available are Brian and Michelle’s “When God Calls the Heart: Devotions from Hope Valley” and accompanying journal.  

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The Christmas Wishing Tree starts on Thursday the 13th of December at 7:30 pm (AEDT) and then on Catchup. Part 2 airs December 20.

For a full rundown of all our ACCTV Christmas viewing click here.

33 thoughts on “When Calls the Heart at Christmas – Presents for YOU!

  1. I would wish that all my family could be together to celebrate Christmas Day as they are scattered all over the country. The ornament I would write it on would also have on it a picture of Jesus in the manger to remind me what is important this Christmas so I’m not distracted by all the busyness of the season.

  2. My christmas wish is the When calls the heart the greatest christmas belssing to air in Australia express from the U.S.

  3. I would wish for my husband and daughter to be healthy and happy. We’ve been through a hard year and my biggest hope is for them to be at their best! Thank you ACCTV!

  4. To answer your question about my Christmas wish – what I would hang on my Christmas wishing tree? At this present time, I would wish that my beautiful daughter would no longer have to battle with crippling anxiety. That she would feel free to get around in the world, to go places and to meet people, to not be afraid. That she would know that she is not alone. A simple Christmas prayer (wish) for her is what calls from my heart ❤️

  5. I wish that the long awaited desires of my heart to see my adult son gainfully employed in a job he enjoys and my adult daughter meeting a godly man and for me to receive miracles in my body. I have prayed for 8 years for these desires and my heart is sick from my hopes being deferred.

  6. My greatest wish is that my son who has survived 3 brain tumours over 10 years and last month pancreatic cancer operation by the Grace of God has no more cancer cells in his body.

  7. The wish I would hang on The Christmas Wishing Tree is for my family to continue to hold on tightly to God’s peace and joy that He has established for us and to continue to trust in Him, through the joyful times and the rough times.

  8. I wish for more love and kindness in the world. Its much nicer to live in a loving and positive world than it is to live in a negative one.

  9. Wish my dad could have been able to spend Christmas with us one last time and our family to get along. Bring back that excitement of Christmas and not for it too feel like just a nother day…

  10. I wish for those who are lost or have wandered on their walk realise how much Jesus loves them and the true meaning of Christmas. I would hang the star to help them find there way.

  11. My wish would be that all people in the world would have a most beautiful happy and peaceful Christmas.

    Also that my family near and far would feel the love of Christ so beautifuly over Christmas.

  12. I love hanging Christmas memories on our tree, something the kids have made at school or something we have made together. My Christmas wish is that we can focus on Jesus and all that He is and what He has done and does for us and be a blessing as a family to others. That we can have precious time as a family together.

  13. My wish would be to spend one more Christmas with my mum who passed away nine years ago from cancer on New Year’s Day. Christmas has never been the same since she passed away and I would do anything to have her with us again. I would also wish for cancer to be eradicated once and for all.

  14. My Christmas wish is for Jesus to heal my brother’s and my legs from progressive Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia which showed up at age 17 and there is no current medication or cure for it. I pray strongly that Jesus will send a miracle to heal us as it is very hard to accept this degenarative condition. We find it hard to fit in and to live a normal teenage life.
    May God receive all the glory and honour.

  15. My Christmas wish is also my prayer. For my husband that he can get off the rest of his medications the doctors put him on, and that God will take away all his pain. That my beautiful children will have their old Dad back, and my twins would know what their old Dad is really like, before he had pain and spinal cord surgery. They were only babies when he had this problem start. That my older two children would have the joy of having their Dad back the way he used to be and be able to have fun with them, because they remember how he used to be.
    For revival again in Australia, because the spiritual drought and love for the Lord is worse than this years drought in Australia.
    Praying also for each of these people here, for their healing.

  16. My desire would be for those members in our families (husband and mine), who dont know Jesus yet, to have a softened and prepared heart, to have their eyes and hearts opened to the Truth of Christ-mas.And Believe and Be Saved…

  17. I’d put a tag on the tree asking that people all over the world would start turning to God and find peace and joy in their hearts and start looking out for one another.

  18. I wish for peace, joy, happiness and genuine love and acceptance amongst my children and grandchildren this Christmas and always!

  19. I wish for God’s will to be done,for God to let us hear him so we know if we are to keep trying to keep our farm or does God have something else planned for us to honour him in a different way.amen

  20. My Christmas wish would be for my sister to receive the Lord in her life and my part of my family again. From now into eternity. That’s the reason why Jesus came in the first place. His names means ‘God saves’. And that should be the real focus of the season.

  21. My wish to hang on the Christmas tree is to see all my family, friends and neighbours to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and for all to live in joy ,peace and harmony with each other.. I also wish that all the persecuted,the hungry and all that are violated to find peace and comfort in the Lord.

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