When Calls The Heart: Heartbroken? A Season 5 Finale Recap

‘I need tissues’ was the text I sent while watching the last few minutes of episode 9 of When Calls the Heart season 5 – and then again the need arose in episode 10. Really, when don’t we need tissues when watching this heart-touching series? These two episodes, however, certainly took the story to a whole new level.

If you haven’t caught up on the episodes yet, it’s probably best to leave this recap until you have, as spoilers are involved.

It seems that, while this is ‘just a show’ (which is what I kept telling myself while tears sprang from my eyes), the WCTH team have managed to reel us in and wind us up to the point of heartbreak, causing us to grieve alongside one of our favourite characters, Elizabeth Thornton, over the loss of her much loved husband, Mountie Jack.

Having followed their relationship through five seasons of uncertainty and challenges, we were finally able to witness Jack and Elizabeth join in marriage to at long last become Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thornton – a definite highlight of the series and where all roads have been leading.

This week though, fans of the show were stopped in their tracks when, in the short weeks following the wedding, news is received that Jack will not be returning to the waiting arms of his beloved wife from a ‘safe’ training assignment. Erin Krakow’s incredible performance in the scene where Elizabeth hears word of Jack’s tragic accidental death (season 5, episode 9) is heart-breaking, and this devastating turn has ‘Hearties’ in an uproar.

Reading through the comments on the social media platforms following the North American screenings, there has been a great outpouring of emotion. Hearties were looking forward to viewing episodes of Jack and Elizabeth in married life, living out their hopes and dreams in the house they would build together and raise their family.

While the outcry of grieving fans is overwhelming, I can’t help but think what an amazing job these writers have done creating such an impacting series that has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of fans around the world.

I can understand why, because I too am a fan, and though the town has seen many tragedies, and conflict is a regular visitor, the light-hearted beauty of this show takes us to a charming utopia of old-fashioned values where hope wins and friends and neighbours love each other despite their squabbles.

Hope Valley is a place where the citizens work together for the greater good, where wisdom prevails and where love is always there to pick up the pieces. And though season five came to a sad ending, the people of Hope Valley have not let us down.

In this, the greatest heartache of the series, we see the citizens of Hope Valley gather around our beloved Elizabeth, each dealing with their own grief of losing Jack but seeing the need to reach out to look after the one who has been affected the most.

As the widowed women of Hope Valley gather around Elizabeth, it is not with empty sentiment. Having lost their own husbands in a mining disaster, these women are able to use their experience to stand alongside Elizabeth. They know her pain firsthand having gone through it themselves. Just as Elizabeth has helped the townsfolk throughout numerous tragedies, now it is their turn to gather and support her.

All is not lost. Surrounded by her loving students and with new information coming to view, we are given a couple of reasons to hope and look forward to season 6.

In episode 10 of season 5, Elizabeth has a flashback to when Jack gave her the typewriter. Here she recalls typing ‘You are my inspiration’ and handing the paper to Jack. Perhaps Elizabeth’s writing career is about to open up?

Jack’s one dying wish which he communicates in his last letter to Elizabeth, is that she would promise to open her heart to love again. Though we don’t like to think of it now while Jack’s passing is still so raw, we’ll look forward to the beginnings of perhaps a new romance in the coming seasons.

And the most obvious and exciting promise of hope – a baby on the way! Will Elizabeth’s baby be a girl or a boy? Will she name it Jack or Jacqueline or something else? Will the baby follow in its father’s footsteps to become a Mountie?

We can only continue to watch and see where this wonderful series will take us next.

I must say, congratulations are in order to Hallmark for creating such a beautiful series that has connected so many loyal fans with the characters in such a strong way that the emotions felt in these episodes has been so real. And also for the care they took in reaching out to their fan base post the finale. You can see Hallmark’s first ever Post-finale chat here: https://www.facebook.com/hallmarkchannel/videos/10155197211891050/

There are great things ahead for Hope Valley and I encourage you to look out for season 6 with excited expectation. And as we wait for the next installment, devoted followers can carry the wise words Elizabeth Thornton left with us in episode 10: “Even on our darkest days, if we help each other we can overcome anything.


21 thoughts on “When Calls The Heart: Heartbroken? A Season 5 Finale Recap

  1. I am still upset that Jack died. I was hoping he(Daniel) could have held out one more season to develop the complete story of love and marriage and children with Elizabeth. I feel so bad for her to raise Jack’s child on her own. But, I was going with something with my youngest son and this story took my mind off of his issue and totally got involved with this story of hope, love and faith.

    1. Hi Carolyn, Thanks for getting in touch.
      We feel the same way and are very sad that Jack will no longer be on the show.
      However, we are very excited about the new addition coming in season 6!

  2. What a beautiful series this has been. But I believe it was obvious what would happen-
    after all Elizabeth seemed too dependent on Jack that no doubt what might have happened back then to Janet Oke’s ancestors. She wrote of what did happen back in her family line. And possibly God’s purposes were for Elizabeth to mature. And I am sure she does/did.. Ms Robin Howard

  3. What a lovely exposé on our beloved WCTH. You captured the essence of the last episide very well. We’re all still reeling with shock, hoping it isn’t so but realizing it is. The new normal in Hope Valley will take some getting use to. We were all so caught up in the love affair of Jack & Elizabeth wearing our hearts on our sleeves. The writers took us on an emotional rollercoaster this season. This proves what excellent writers the show had gathered. We’re excited to see where they will take us.

  4. Hallmark usually has good endings, I think they should reconsider the next series, bring Jack back, the ending of #5 didn’t show him dead, he could have been hurt someplace and in season six, he finds his way back to Hope Valley. This is such a good clean series for people to watch, there just isn’t anyone who can take jack’s place at this point. Erin Krakow has feelings for Daniel, let them get together and end the next series like a regular Hallmark movie.

    1. That was exactly my thought when I finally caught up on the episodes. Get another actor to play the part. I haven’t been able to watch the show since season 5.
      Bring Jack back! Figure it out!

  5. We do not know the reason why Daniel decided to leave WCTH. All he said it was for personal reasons. That does not tell us anything. By them killing off Jack seems wrong. Because Hope Valley has enough Fatherless children in Hope Valley. Now we have Jack and Elizabeth unborn child without their father.So unfair.

  6. Great Series! I am a true fan of when calls the Heart and look forward to season 6. The only thing I wonder is if Elizabeth finds new love too quickly. Hope Valley is a wonderful community where genuine love and care for one another is displayed in so many ways. Even with the tremendous outpouring of love that will allow her to heal quicker, I still believe there is to be for some time and to some extent the personal internal grieving of the loss of her beloved husband Jack. I think any thing else would be a dishonor to Jack. A time jump would be great to show her giving birth to her and Jack’s baby. Her motherhood with Abigail being by her side to assist her in any way would be a great storyline, with Elizabeth finding true love in the not to distant future. These are just my thoughts, but whatever the outcome, I know that the writer’s will do an excellent job writing what they believe is the best way to tell the story of Elizabeth.

    1. Hello Todd, thank you for your comment. It is something that we believe the makers will aim to respect as losing Jack has been such a heartbreak for all of us. Whatever happens, the writers will do an excellent job and will find the best and most lovely way to bring new love to Elizabeth.

      1. No they won’t. These are the same horrible writers that killed Jack. I’m still so mad that I come to these sites just to see if this can mended somehow. What this show did to the fans is unforgivable. Yes, some shows have killed off main characters but fan ALWAYS knew before hand that the actor was leaving the show so the leaving would not be such a surprise. This was a horrible way to kill off one of the two main characters. NONE of the other characters even mattered. This show was silly, the acting was B at best but I watched because it was Jack and Elizabeth. Not because I thought this show was true to life or even realistic.

        If this show knew for 18 month that Dan did not want to be on the show why not tell the fans? It’s all money, there was no reason to do this to the fans. You just wanted the $$$$ from the rating! I can’t even look at pictures of this show, past or present without getting mad. So I will stop, but such hurt and betrayal by ALL involved in this show will never be forgotten.

        I have not watch one episode of this show on Netflix since that horrible day in April 2018 and I used to rematch episodes weekly just because it was such a distraction from real life! Horrible, will never watch anything on Hallmark again.

        To everyone who feels as betrayed and disrespected as I, here are the shows that are just as clean, safe and much better acted than this show (that must not never be named or spoken again). Most are on Netflix:

        Anne with an E, Road to Avonlea, Anne of Green Gables, Heartland.

    1. Hello Christine,
      Thank you for your comment. At this stage, they are still in production for the next series. If all goes according to plan for them we will be broadcasting the show early next year.

  7. Will you be replaying sessions 4 & 5 again this year after the seesion3 re-run?

    1. Hello Irene,
      Thank you for your question. Yes, we will. Season 4 will begin on September 20th which is the week after season 3 finishes. Season 5 will begin on December 14th. Which is the week after the finale of season 4. It will be airing at the same broadcast time of Thursday 7:30 pm.

  8. No where in the episode anyone mentioned Jack’s death. A mountie came to Hope Valley,bowed his head, Elisabeth screamed and who knows if she had passed out and dreamed the whole thing. The title of that episode is “In my dreams”

  9. I have never been so heart broken.i literally had to build up the strength to watch episode.I cried the whole time as if it was a loved one.I am disappointed and really thought they were going to live happily ever after

  10. Jack needs to come back! Nothing will work except for Jack and Elizabeth to be together!!

  11. Isn’t there some miraculous way Jack could be brought back? We are heartbroken.

  12. I actually some how missed the episode where Elizabeth finds out Jack had died accidentally. The story lines on other characters in the show are just as interesting too! In real life we lose loved ones sadly and they were terrific together. Elizabeth will always have a part of Jack because of little baby Jack. In morning we can forget that their baby is a beautiful gift from the Father in Heaven. I am looking forward to see who wins Elizabeth’s heart as two men have fallen for and it would not be an easy choice. When you love someone as they loved each other that love never truly dies. We all at times need change so that we can grow and be ready for the next season God has prepared us for. Well done Acctv as I thought the story line very honest,loving but also a lot of truth and goodness. Lots of blessings to all of Acctv.

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