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In our busy digital world, there remains an undeniable emotional connection to receiving a hand-written letter in the mail.

Delivering a piece of someone’s story is all part of the job for Shane McInerney, as she works with her team to reunite lost letters with their intended recipients, often creating pivotal moments in other people’s lives.

Kristin Booth has been sharing in these heartfelt stories from the first time she stepped into Shane’s shoes. From the delivery of the letters to the delivery of her lines, Kristin’s talent in portraying Shane has deeply resonated with the #POstables, the fans of Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Kristin graciously shared more about her character, and the show that leaves viewers wanting more.

SC: When did you know that you wanted to pursue acting as a career?

KB: When I was 12, I became a part of the chorus for a production of Annie at Huron County Playhouse. I spent the summer playing an orphan alongside the rest of the cast of girls and it was that experience that cemented my desire to become an actor.

SC: You have lived and filmed in Ontario and British Columbia. If you could choose another province to film in, where would you want that to be?

KB: I loved working and living in BC, and I have to admit that I feel most at home on the West Coast. I recently shot a feature in Calgary, and again, I fell in love with the landscape! The skies there are like no other. I have yet to shoot in PEI, and as I am a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables and Lucy Maud Montgomery, I would choose PEI.

Character Development

SC: Having the opportunity to play Shane McInerney over multiple years, what has this taught you about character development?

KB: I met Shane in 2013, I still remember reading the pilot script; then titled Dead Letters. I was immediately taken with the character. Strong yet vulnerable, hardened by her past yet still desperate to believe the best about people. When I step back into Shane’s shoes for SSD11 this year it will have been 7 years since we shot the pilot. It’s like seeing a dear friend that you’ve lost touch with, but once you’re face to face again it feels as though no time has passed at all.

It’s been 2 years since I last wore those shoes, so I have to rely on muscle memory: the way she holds herself, her mannerisms, and especially how she is affected by Oliver, Rita and Norman. When the four of us are back together it all comes flooding back and my body remembers. We all grow and evolve, so naturally the characters will grow and evolve as well. I rely a lot on the incredible writing and then take off from there. Shane also has a signature scent, a perfume she’s worn since the beginning. When building a character, I always choose a fragrance for them. One inhale of Jo Malone’s BlackBerry & Bay combined with a hint of their Rose and I’m like, “well hello there, old friend”.

SC: Looking back at Signed, Sealed, Delivered, what is your favourite scene as Shane?

KB: Oh my, that’s a tough one! My favorite scene? There have been so many gems but there are a few that come to mind. The first is from Episode 4, the scene where Shane and Oliver dance to “And So It Goes” in the DLO. That was such a magical moment for those two! I think they both realized that they were more than just dance partners but had no idea how to navigate those feelings. It was a heartbreaking scene.

I will also never forget the scene in “The Impossible Dream” where mother and daughter are reunited on the tarmac – I tell you there was no acting required watching those two run into each other’s arms… I was crying during the blocking.

Oliver and Shane’s engagement scene in “To The Altar”, gah! After all the years of working together and the back and forth, finally they were on the same page, pardon the pun. Martha wrote the most beautiful proposal, I mean, the tie? So good!

SC: Are there any items in Shane’s wardrobe that you would want in your own?

KB: There happen to be several pieces of Shane’s wardrobe that are currently a part of my own! I think one of my favorites is the black lace off the shoulder Ted Baker jumpsuit she wore to Norman’s bachelor party. I loved that so much I wore it to the ACTRA Awards. Shane is very stylish; my own style is slightly more boho than hers but who doesn’t love a great suit?!

SC: If Shane, Oliver, Rita and Norman were to each take a prop from set, which do you think they would choose and why?

KB: Well that’s easy!

Oliver: his favorite letter opener

Norman: His magic briefcase and all its contents, especially the rubber chicken.

Rita: her glasses

Shane: her iPad

Reasons are too obvious to explain, #POstables will agree, I think!

SC: Looking back, what advice would you want yourself to know when you first stepped into the role as Shane?

KB: “Trust the timing.” I would have liked to have known that at the beginning. It was a tough time for me because I had a very young child at the time and going to work full time on a series weighed on me, but in retrospect it was exactly what I needed.

Viewer Favourite

SC: Why do you feel the stories of the POstables resonate with the viewers?

KB: The themes in SSD transcend class, gender, politics, etc. and that is because Martha has a gift. She has the ability to tell a story from the heart so that everyone can relate in one way or another. And her stories always leave the viewer with hope. There aren’t many television shows that can do that and still be funny, entertaining and smart.

SC: What was it like to meet Martha Williamson?

KB: Meeting Martha for the first time was nerve racking! She was already an extremely successful woman; writer, executive producer, and showrunner of Touched By An Angel for 11 seasons. She was also such a breath of fresh air, and I immediately felt comfortable around her. I’m happy to say that we’ve become great friends!

SC: As an actor, does it change how you feel about the character if you have an opportunity to meet the writer?

KB: My husband is a writer, so I have great respect for what they do. A script is a finely woven tapestry. I have that respect regardless of meeting the writer, but I do enjoy meeting the writer because I can often get more information about my character out of them.

SC: If you could receive a letter that was misplaced for years and addressed to you, who would you want the letter to be from and why?

KB: I would love to receive a lost letter from my Grandmother, my mother’s mother, Lois. I miss her every day. We were very close. It would be such a wonderful surprise!

SC: The fans of the show, the #POstables, continue to discuss their love of everything Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and consistently ask for more stories. What do the #POstables mean to you?

KB: The #POstables are honestly the most incredible group of people and they come from all over the world! Fans from England, Australia, France, the US, Canada, Hungary, the list goes on! They are incredibly supportive and kind. They often send cards and letters and recently I have embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to make my short film about mental illness: the #POstables have not only spread the word but they have contributed and there just aren’t enough words to express my gratitude!! I feel like I have an army of cheerleaders behind me, it’s truly remarkable!

More SSD

SC: Is there anything else that you would like the viewers to know about you, Shane, or Signed, Sealed, Delivered?

KB: We’re all very excited to get the gang back together!! It’s been too long since the intrepid postal team has been together, and the summer shoot can’t come soon enough! We all thank our fans and supporters for sticking by us and fighting to keep them coming!

SC: Your credits also include writer and producer. Do you plan to focus on acting, or are you considering exploring more as a writer or producer?

KB: I’ll always be an actor. I can’t imagine not embodying different characters, it’s my first love. I am becoming more and more inspired to expand my storytelling avenues, to write and direct and so this year I look forward to directing my short film Capacity. Mental illness affects 1 in 3 people, myself included, and I feel compelled to tell this story. It’s an exciting and terrifying venture.

SC: Can you share about any upcoming projects that we can keep an eye out for?

KB: I recently wrapped the title role in a feature film called Marlene: Chasing Justice. It’s the story of Steven Truscott and his wife Marlene’s journey to see his name cleared of a crime he didn’t commit. And you can also catch me guest-starring alongside my friend Jason Priestley in the upcoming season of Private Eyes.

Kristin’s passion for stories that renew the feeling of hope and heart are evident on and off screen. From scenes as Shane, reconnecting people to loved ones and letters, to her own movie highlighting mental illness, Kristin uses her gifts to create stories that matter. With another Signed, Sealed, Delivered movie to film later this year, #POstables can follow Kristin on social media, as she often delivers special messages of her own.

Social Media:
Twitter: @kristintbooth
IG: kristintbooth


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  1. Another wonderful tv series and the Postal service and many amazing characters. Receiving a hand written letter in the mail is even better than email as it is more personal and more thought goes into it. Something that is a skill and blessing in itself. I love to write letters and receive them and wish we had a way that we could encourage others to do the same. It teaches writing skills and language which is sometimes lacking in our society with SMS and email,social media. By the way still very good ways of communicating but postal I believe is the best!!
    Thankyou Acctv that you remind us of skills that are still of vital importance and all the actors and and actresses, teams producers,etc. May many blessings come your way with you all and Acctv.

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