Stop the Glorification of Busy

Do you ever feel like it’s difficult to stay focussed on one thing? Whether that be socially, emotionally, mentally, physically or even spiritually, we are constantly switched on. Everything is fast paced and on the go. The highest value seems to be placed on getting someone’s attention. The first and fastest, somewhere along the lines, became equated with being the best. The result is life is now a constant state of “go.”


And it’s super easy to allow our lives to be  consumed by this “go” mentality. Packing every hour from start to end. Each day there is the gym, work, social functions, household jobs, family to catch up with, church events to volunteer at and much more. Weekdays are filled with the things we have to do in order to enjoy and relax on the weekend. But weekends can be just as busy  consumed by obligatory activities.


Have you ever hit Sunday evening, and you’re sitting there wondering where the time went as you gear up for another full week?  When does it end? It’s almost as though it would be a shame to have a free night. Would you even know what to do if you did? How do we end this?


Well, Guy Kawasaki suggests we need to “Stop the glorification of busy.”


Sounds easy, right? I had to be challenged on this recently. My days are filled. From the alarm at 6AM until my head hits the pillow at 11PM. There is something to be done every hour. Even when there isn’t anything to do, I feel as though there is something that needs to be done. When did I start feeling guilty about taking time to pause and relax. When did it become so uncomfortable to just be?


Are we scared of down time because of what we could possibly be missing… FOMO (fear of missing out) anyone? How do we stop this busyness epidemic? How do we take time to breathe and not put a time limit on that breathing period? How do we dethrone this idol? I think the answer is simple, and it is the answer to many things in life: balance. Rest isn’t a rare commodity, it’s just that we don’t prioritise it.


So here’s what I’m doing this month to make rest a priority. I’m setting aside at least one evening a week to stay home and just be. This is a few hours apart from housework or having people over. It’s a night that puts “doing” and “going” into balance by just “being.” It takes away the constant state of feeling overwhelmed and provides me permission to break the fast paced nature of life. It takes away the power of a schedule, and that is what brings balance. I want to honour the time I have each day and be a good steward of it by resting. This can look different for different people. Maybe for you it means taking a weekend trip by yourself once a month. It could look like what I am doing and having a night in once a week. For some it could be sitting down for lunch each day. It could even look like intentionally taking deep breathes each hour.  

I think everyone is on this journey to find the balance of rest and work. Whether it be setting intentions for yourself or simply realising the importance to not letting a busy life take over. Will you stop glorifying busy? Why not join me and share of your experience? Let’s see what we find when we take the time to slow down.

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