Did you know, what started as a trial on one television network twenty years ago has now multiplied to more platforms including Apps and on-line streaming, allowing ACCTV to reach more people on even more screens!

Yes, that’s right. New technologies and platforms mean new opportunities are available to fulfil our Vision to reach Australia for Christ. Our commitment from the very beginning has been to share stories that present the hope found in the Gospel through Jesus. All of this while keeping ACCTV free from on-air appeals and fundraising.

This phenomenal viewer growth means we need to seek new support. We’ve created new ways for our viewers to connect, support and partner with us so we can reach even more people. This is all very exciting, and we know that together we are stronger, which is why we want to invite you to become a part of the ACCTV story. You can do this by choosing one of the following options:


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Thanks, your monthly support of $5 covers the cost of you and your family watching ACCTV NOW.

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Thank you so much. Just so you know, your monthly support of $10 covers the cost of your family watching ACCTV NOW, and because of your generosity you’ve covered one more family, and they can watch ACCTV NOW too!

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Be a blessing


Fantastic! Your monthly support of your chosen amount covers the cost of you, your family AND MANY OTHER VIEWERS.

Your support will help us reach more Australians with the gospel. Every $5 covers the cost of reaching one more family.


Offer a one-off gift


Thanks for taking the time to read about our exciting developments and for considering partnering with us. If that’s not possible right now, no worries, we understand. We don’t want it to be a barrier to stop you watching ACCTV NOW. Click here to skip and continue watching. You will hear from us every now and then and we will offer you the chance to support ACCTV in the future.

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