The Heart of Man

A cinematic retelling of the parable of the prodigal son, interwoven with true testimonials of personal and sexual brokenness. Narrative storytelling and documentary filmmaking combine to reveal the compassionate heart of God that illuminates an age-old truth: shame is not a barrier to God’s love, but a bridge to absolute transformation, victory, freedom and hope. Watch the Heart of Man on ACCTV Now.

Gather your friends, take a deep-dive into your story with The Heart of Man Roundtables.A collection of living-room discussions moderated by LA Pastor Chad Veach, featuring well-known authors, culture-shapers, and other well-known friends of ‘The Heart of Man.’ This is a launching point into conversations that will lead to freedom from shame. Or see the Australian Round Table Discussion, starring Jason Pamer, William Paul Young, Justin Torrence and Rod Hopping. 

We continue to hear how this incredible film is changing lives as people find freedom from shame and regret. Read the stories we have received and leave your own story in our comments section.



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How ‘The Heart of Man’ has changed lives

We love hearing how this movie has caused change or has revealed to people something in their lives they had not seen before. Below is a message we have received revealing how this film is changing lives.


Norman Gale:

I sat down with my son and watched this movie, again in a hope that my son could see just where my thinking was; the most incredible thing is not anything that my son may have received but the very fact that it still does have the same, if not more impact than when I first saw it at one of only the two showings in Adelaide. God didn’t have to move mountains to get me there but He did have to move them in my life to see the truth of it all. Every single person I tell my story to now, I tell them of the deep impact this movie had on me and how they should seek every opportunity to watch it for themselves. I saw a God inspired movie and now I am seeing God’s inspiration for me.


5 thoughts on “The Heart of Man

    1. Hi Gail, Heart of Man isn’t scheduled for a broadcast right now, but you can watch it whenever you like at or on our ACCTV apps for phone, table, Apple and Google TV. Find our app in your app store

  1. Hi, I am i norwegian girl who would love to see this “movie”/ documentary, however there is no where to fin this in any Norwegian spaceroom! I have tried to buy it so many places now, but yeah, where can a not American or english speaking person see this?

    With kindest regards

  2. This movie had a huge impact on me the first few times I watched it. It helped me to heal my own shame from things I did that I wasn’t proud of. I was recently moved to watch it again. I am now healing the shame I’ve carried in the form
    of judgement toward parents & siblings for morally questionable choices. I saw that judgement was like the monster in the cave that kept me prisoner. I’m free now.

    Judy in NJ

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